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As you travel with me through my military career, I hope you experience what war is really like. Resolve never to let your guard down to bullies like Adolf Hitler. Seek peace earnestly! War is dreadful! Thank God for all who protect us from evildoers on our streets and those who prevent enemy threats from distant lands. Stay strong! Bullies look for the weak.

Ray Lane

Ray W. Lane, a 93-year-old Second World War veteran, has written a book about his war experience, In Chariots of Iron. He is shown beside a watercolour painting he made of a battle scene during the war. Photograph by: Larry Wong, Larry Wong/Edmonton Journal

About Ray Whitfield Lane

  • Ray Whitfield Lane, born in 1918 at Calgary General Hospital, to Ruth Hill Lane and John Quinn Lane. Three sisters: Catherine, Ethel, and Frances. One brother, James.
  • Ray grew up in Calgary and small town Alberta (Three Hills, and Delia—where his father was tinsmith, undertaker and town cop all at the same time).
  • Dr. White, a British physician, lived with the Lane family for a period of time. White strongly influenced Ray’s intellectual and artistic development.
  • As a young man, Ray worked for the Forestry Service in the National Parks. This was the source of his story “The Rubber Bear” in Key Porter’s “Great Bear Adventures”. 
  • After the war Ray married Frances Augusta Oakes. They had two children—Ruth and Ian, and subsequently two grandchildren—Cassandra and Clinton. Ray worked long term at the Imperial Oil refinery in Edmonton. After Frances’s death, Ray re-married to Odette Anne, then after her death many years later, married Lorna McGhee. Ray and Lorna continue to live in Edmonton. Ray Whitfield Lane is currently 93-years-old as of October 13, 2011.
  • Lane is an award-winning author and gifted watercolour artist, with about 60 articles and short stories appearing in the Esso Annuitants Newsletter, the Edmonton Journal and in Key Porter Books’ anthology, “Great Bear Adventures.”